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NEW for 2018. Large abstract paintings.
oil on canvas acrylic on paper oil om canvas
Day at Sulingham Ferry
60cm x 60cm
45cm x 50cm
60cm x 60cm

Oil Gouache Charcoal and pastel
Garden in Summer
60cm x 80cm
Summer flowers SOLD
74cm x 55cm
Climate Change
60cm x 80cm

NEW in 2017. Large abstract paintings.
acylic on paper acylic on paper acylic on paper
Brexit Blues
75cm x 55cm
50cm x 60cm
Brexit Strategy
75cm x 55cm

  Small abstract "So What" paintings.   Click picture to enlarge.   POA.

abstract abstract abstract
10cm x 16cm 15cm x 10cm 15cm x 20cm

abstract abstract abstract
15cm x 10cm 14cm x 18cm 12cm x 9cm

Large abstract paintings
acylic on paper pastel and charcoal acylic on paper
Surrounded by Chaos
76cm x 55cm
Burlesque Dancer
56cm x 75cm
Reflections in the water
70cm x 50cm

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