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Small pen and wash paintings.   Price on application.   Click picture to enlarge.

River Alde Iken Marston Marsh Sunrise The Walk, Norwich
River Alde at Iken
26cm x 19cm
Marston Marshes Sunrise
24cm x 17cm
The Walk, Norwich SOLD
26cm x 18cm
Vaison Bike in Florence The Walk, Norwich
Vaison la Romaine
18cm x 15cm
14cm x 18cm
The Walk, Norwich
19cm x 15cm
Marston marshes Norwich Dungeness Flooded marsh
Marston Marshes Flood
22cm x 16cm
19cm x 14cm
Flooded marshes
20cm x 14cm
Marston marshes Norwich Morocco Beside the Marne
25cm x 20cm
19cm x 11cm
Beside the Marne
17cm x 12cm
Small pastel drawings.   Price on application.  Click picture to enlarge.

Pastel drawing of Holme Marshes, Norfolk Pastel drawing of a sunset Pastel drawing of Venice
Near Holme Marshes
21cm x 16cm
Sunset on the Marne
20cm x 18cm
25cm x 16cm
Large pastels of churches.   Price on application.   Click picture to enlarge.

pastel and charcoal pastel and charcoal pastel and charcoal
Vezelay Church - France
56cm x 75cm
Vezelay Church - France
64cm x 76cm
St Peter Mancroft - Norwich
62cm x 77cm

Small pen and wash paintings from a trip to Burgundy.

pastel and charcoal acylic on paper acylic on paper
17cm x 12cm
Spring Morning in Burgundy
29cm x 19cm
17cm x 12cm